rocketship runUtkatasana also called Chair Pose is one of the basic standing poses used in Sun Salutation B. This pose can seriously strengthen your thighs not to mention back and arms. It also provides for a great stretch through your shoulders, chest and hamstrings. Now that’s all well and fine for you but what if you wanted to teach your child this pose so they could benefit as well…..

It is now time to get creative! Transform what you know as Utkatasana into ROCKETSHIP POSE and watch the magic happen! Together count your breath down from 5 and blast off as you move from rocket ship pose into a yoga jump and launch into space! Now pair this with Laurie Berkner’s song Rocketship Run and you have a yoga space exploration. Bring in creative movement and simply let the lyrics be your inspiration. Don’t forget to take a pit stop on the moon and collect some moon rocks for your travel back home (see photo)! Only rule is no hands!

Not only will you be getting a great workout you will also be spending some fun and beneficial time with your family.


To watch The Laurie Berkner Band’s Rocketship Run, click here: