Bliss Kid Yoga is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit dedicated to nurturing community health and wellness by providing both free and affordable yoga and mindfulness programs for children, families and educators. Bliss Kid Yoga specializes in programs for sensitive populations including children and families who are survivors of abuse, children with exceptionalities, English language learners, economically challenged families and more.


We provide yoga programs for families and children of all abilities and populations. Our programs promote positive bonding experiences and give families the tools to help their children thrive. They are designed to nurture a child’s innate bliss by engaging mind, body and spirit. We cohesively combine the below elements with story-telling and music to provide a playful and creative approach to yoga in a comfortable and safe environment.

  • Trauma-Informed Yoga and Mindful Art for teens, tweens, families and preschoolers that are survivors of domestic and sexual abuse at SAFE Alliance .
  • After-school Yoga for all grades and abilities at economically challenged schools in AISD.
  • Yoga for Special Needs designed specifically for children with exceptionalities including adaptive and spectrum yoga.
  • Family Yoga and AcroYoga for all ages and abilities at SFC Farmers’ Market.
  • Yoga and Nature Camp at Candlelight Ranch (courtesy of Glimmer of Hope Austin) and Springdale Farm.
  • Parent and Educator Training sessions to help teachers and parents incorporate elements of yoga and mindfulness through out a child’s day.
  • Yoga Teacher and Volunteer Trainings include ongoing education and specialized training for under-served populations.
  • Educational Curriculum Development specifically designed for parents, educators and yoga teachers working with all abilities and backgrounds.

Class Focus

  • Breath Awareness Techniques: Increase focus, reduce stress and promote self-regulation.
  • Yoga Poses: Increase strength and flexibility, body awareness and coordination.
  • Cooperative Games: Promote positive social interactions, communication and confidence.
  • Meditation: Enhance concentration, reduce stress and provide a vehicle to arrive in the present.
  • Mindfulness: Learn healthy habits, self-awareness and non-violence.
  • Relaxation: Cultivate a peaceful sense of being and rejuvenate.