Ready set focus! 

Help your child learn concentration skills by playing fun games. Try balancing on a line moving forward and backward. Increase challenge as appropriate. Next make up a jumping game. Jump over a line or maybe from tile to tile. Be creative and use resources you already have! When you see your child needs a quick break invite them to rest in child’s pose. Take turns feeling one another’s breath by putting your hand on their back (take turns) or by laying head to belly (see picture) and feeling the rise and fall of one another’s belly in zipper pose. When they have lots of energy try instructional songs that they can dance along to. I personally love JUMP! By Patty Shukla for preschool aged children. When you need to calm things down play the bell game. Pass the bell from person to person without it making a sound. Have children increase their distance from one another as their skill increases. These are all simple and fun ways to promote concentration skills, improve listening and get some great exercise.