Bliss Books Blog

by Catherine Scallen

anhs angerTitle: Anh’s Anger

Author: Gail Silver

Illustrator: Christiane Kromer

Summary: When Anh’s building block tower falls down–Anger comes to visit Anh, and he makes his presence known! Journey along with Anh as he learns to befriend his Anger, and see what happens!

Message: Brilliant. Silver seamlessly and delightfully presents the mature concept of sitting with and breathing through your strong emotions—rather than trying to suppress or outwit them. A concept inherently mature in nature, here presented as heartwarmingly  attainable and knowable for children. Adults, take note. Major props to Anh’s grandfather, who is ever so wise, and gives Anh the space and freedom to sit with, engage with, and ultimately dissipate his Anger all on his own. The magic that can happen with time and patience is unreal. I loved everything about this book—the timeless reminder for all (no matter your age!), that allowing ourselves to sit with and explore our emotions, particularly the difficult ones, gives us the opportunity to watch them pass through us with our breath in a safe and natural way. We all neanhs reviewed space to feel.

An Additional Note: Gail Silver what’s UP! Founder of Yoga Child in Philadelphia, who better to write this book?
A practiced preacher of bringing the tools and techniques of mindfulness to children across the world, her pairing with illustrator Christiane Kromer warms every part of my heart. Also, add Plum Blossom Books to your ‘list of aware and intelligent publishing houses’ to watch. Their mission is to publish books for children centered on mindfulness and Buddhism. Woo hoo!