Title: Silence

Author and Illustrator: Lemniscate

Summary: A meditative meandering through all of the treasures and joy that simply sitting in silence can bring us.

Message: I am soothed, I am soothed, I am soothed—and I am only two pages into this book. On a calmly winding journey, this book brings us back to ourselves: reminding us of all that can be heard and learned from the art of silence. Gorgeously illustrated and with only one sentence per page—the book extends an invitation to us to do just that: an invitation to pause, in silence, and simply appreciate what is. To listen in meditative quality, engaging with both active and passive silence allows us to turn simultaneously inward and outward—an abundance of peace and joy awaits us as soon as we do.

An Additional Note: Illustration studio Lemniscates, based out of Barcelona, is one to keep an eye on! Their sole mission is to create books that allow children to explore, to meander, to engage with the natural curiosity and imagination, and to see what unfolds from there. Um, yes please. Another fun fact—I have just now, at the age of 26, learned that ‘lemniscates’ is the name of the infinity symbol used in math. Excellent.

-Catherine Scallen