“My daughter has  shown so much emotional growth since she started her weekly sessions with Katherine. She has taken the techniques she’s learned in yoga and, all on her own, used them when she’s had anxiety or other negative emotions. It is wonderful that she’s developing better emotional regulation along with all the other benefits of yoga!”

-Nicole U, Elementary School Class

“My 4 year-old daughter started taking yoga with Ms. Katherine in spring 2013, and has loved it ever since!! Ms. Katherine provides an environment that is friendly, fun and interactive – she uses stories and catchy songs to make yoga enjoyable for kids. Because of what Ms. Katherine has taught her, my daughter has improved her flexibility and posture, and she is able to use yoga breathing techniques to relax and calm herself. I would highly recommend Bliss Kid Yoga – you will love Ms. Katherine as much as we do!”

-Melissa V, Preschool Yoga Class

“Our twin boys started taking yoga with Ms. Katherine in January 2013 at the age of three.  They were hooked from the start.  The classes are so much fun for the kids, but they learn such important life skills at the same time.  Breathing techniques have been crucial for them as they learn how to control their emotions and calm down when they are upset.  I feel that they have become more emotionally aware of how others are feeling and are better in communicating how they feel as a result.  One of our sons has low muscle tone and some motor skill delays and the yoga is also great for this.  We would highly recommend these classes.  Ms. Katherine is an amazing, patient, and compassionate teacher and our boys absolutely love her!”

-Alexandra A. , Private Client

“My daughter had the opportunity to go to camp on scholarship, she had such a great experience and we are so grateful that bliss kid yoga has programs like this, knowing she is having such unique experiences and learning about breath and movement along with with reading, arts, and so much more!”

-J. Wexler

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