by Cassie Brewer

For kids, holiday break means freedom from school, late mornings, late nights and lots of fun. For parents, though, the extended days of winter break signals a change of schedule that creates a little too much down time.


The first few days of winter break are filled with craziness, excitement and the magic of the season. Parents get ready for impending holidays with shopping trips, gift wrapping and cleaning while kids daydream about future presents. As the wrappings are tossed aside and gifts are enjoyed and then put aside, the novelty wears thin and parents are often left with the task of trying to keep kids entertained without putting even more strain on the budget.

Families living in areas of the country fortunate enough to welcome a blanket of snow during the big break receive a free pass from boredom. Snow gives way to winter traditions like building snowmen, igloos, sledding and snowball fights.

Parents without the white wonders of winter find themselves with children who are quickly growing bored of the same old indoor activities. And bored children will usually find their own fun, whether it’s parent-approved or not.

Plan ahead with crazy cool activities to keep kids occupied and moving during the winter break. Think outside the norm to find activities that stir up wondrous family memories.

Indoor Snowball Fight. No snow? No problem! Kids can still build igloos, forts and have a blast throwing snowballs. The best part is that this snow won’t melt! All you need to make fluffy white snowballs is white yarn, some cardboard and a pair of scissors. Make snowballs before break so they are ready for homebound kids. For a fun snowball fight, have the kids build their own forts out of chairs and blankets and arm them with fluffy snowballs. Now let the fun fly!

Ice Skating…At Home! When the weather outside gets frightful and the inside remains delightful, bring the fun of the outdoors indoors. Make cups of hot chocolate and invite kids to go ice-skating…at home. All you need is wax paper and a smooth surface.  Fasten wax paper onto socks using rubber bands or tape, create an open area for skating and let the good times roll…or slide. Advise kids to be careful of other skaters…skates can be really slippery!

Toilet Paper Bowling. Any toilet paper will work, but if you are planning ahead be sure to buy a big supply of cheap paper (think Dollar Tree). Arrange the toilet paper in the same design as bowling pins, grab a rubber ball and see who can knock down the most paper pins. Empty water bottles also work for pins in a pinch!

Get moving. Indoor time is the ideal time for a healthy dose of physical activity; just
make sure to keep it fun!
Introduce kids to yoga through online videos or web sites and teach them the mindful breathing exercise to help relax and bend. Or cut out a variety of colored circles using poster board or construction paper, tape them to the floor and play a DIY game of Twister!

Build a snowman. Most parents have seen this game at classroom parties. One child serves as the snowman and the others have to decorate him (or her). Use toilet paper to wrap the snowman and find gloves, a hat, a scarf and other fun items for accessories. Kids also can compete to see who can decorate their snowman the quickest.

Winter break means lots of free time to sleep a little later, relax and enjoy time with family. With the extra hours of freedom, however, comes the frustrations of keeping kids busy and out of mischief. Brainstorm ways to create fun and memorable indoor activities that will keep kids busy and smiling. Make memories, be silly and enjoy the time together!


About the Author:


My name is Cassie Brewer and I live in Southern California where I have made a great life for myself doing what I love. My passion is makeup/beauty and writing. I am a pet lover, I have 3 dogs and 2 cats!

I attended MUD makeup school and have been working away on short films and small things such as weddings, parties and high fashion runway shows. I believe makeup is an art and I love to express myself through it. Helping others with beauty tips makes me feel good about myself.

I enjoy writing about tips that help other girls feel beautiful. I did tons of modeling when i was younger and I think that’s what turned me on beauty and makeup because those people made me feel flawless and I figured I could do that to other people. Also, yes my hair color is natural. 😉