BKY says Farewell

Over the past 7 years, Bliss Kid Yoga has served approximately 6k little Austinites and their families through yoga + mindfulness classes, camps, community events, training, and more. Without you, none of this would have been possible. 

It is with a heavy but hopeful heart that we announce that 2022 will be Bliss Kid Yoga’s last year of offerings. Change is the only constant and we feel it is time to change the way we bring our mission to the community. While Bliss Kid Yoga will no longer serve as a nonprofit we will ensure it continues on through our teachers, volunteers, and partners. Over the next few months, we will be providing monetary support and mentoring to our teachers, volunteers, and schools who wish to continue or create their own programs. 

When you start a nonprofit it’s because there is a community issue or barrier you are trying to break in order to help lift your community up and there isn’t an organization already doing the same work. When BKY started people didn’t know about kids’ yoga, doctors certainly weren’t recommending it for kids on the spectrum or for those coping with trauma. Austin ISD didn’t have a district-wide Social Emotional Learning program and the word trauma-informed and mindfulness were not everyday vocabulary words. There was a need for an organization like ours and now thanks to the work we have done there are A LOT of other organizations doing the same work in our ATX community and around the world.

You have been a key part of providing access to wellness offerings for historically underserved community members in Austin. There are so many successes to celebrate. We hope you will stay tuned in these last months as we celebrate and continue to expand on our mission through the work of our volunteers and teachers as they develop their own wellness programs. 

Our classes, trainings, and events will continue until the end of the year.

We plan to have one last Bliss Bash this fall and would be honored if you could attend. Please check our IG for more information.

We urge you to reach out with any questions. Your belief in this work has been invaluable and will live on through our amazing yoga students.


  • In our 7 years, we have served an estimated 6k little austinites and their families + around the world through our virtual offerings
  • We have provided 6 years of free after-school programs for financially challenged families in AISD
  • More than 100 scholarships given to children affected by foster care to attend camps
  • More than 100 scholarships awarded to teachers, social workers, parents and more to attend or take one of our virtual trainings
  • Helped get folx access to programs like SNAP through our community gatherings
  • Collaborated on fundraising efforts with SAFE ALLIANCE and more
  • Created the first trauma-informed yoga training for those working with young children
  • Collaborated and created with Tumble Media on the first yoga podcast for kids, Yoga Kids Adventure
  • Provided hundreds of trauma-informed yoga classes to folx who have experienced abuse through SAFE Alliance 
  • We have taught approx 4k classes
  • We have helped other orgs with similar missions get started and serve the Austin community
  • When we started we saw a need in the community to provide access to overall wellness for mind, body, and spirit through yoga for kids + families and now we are excited to say there are many others out there doing the same as well as district-wide social and emotional learning and tons of free virtual opportunities

Bliss Kid Yoga is a 501(c)3 public charity.

Donations are tax deductible. Tax ID # 47-4934413. Mailing address: 2110 W Slaughter Lane STE 107 #259 Austin, Tx 78748

Through community donations and grant support, we are able to provide quality wellness offerings in Austin, Tx, and beyond. All of our programs can be accessed virtually.

One time gift: There are many ways to help; pick a gift amount that works best for you and give children and families the tools to live happy, healthy lives.

Gift subscription: Make a HUGE difference regardless of budget. Give $10.00 or more per month and by the end of the year share yoga with a class of children, provide funding for a family yoga series, supply a class of students with yoga mats, or send kids to yoga camp. Just click the subscription option in paypal.com when you donate below. Cancel or skip at any time.

In-kind gift: View our Amazon wish list and help provide supplies for our yoga and mindful art classes at economically challenged schools in AISD and at SAFE Alliance. Items can be sent directly to us and be anonymous if preferred. Want to give back + save money on supplies? Make sure to compare costs by using Capital One Shopping.

  • Empower children and parents by giving them the tools to stay safe and healthy in their lives beyond a shelter.
  • Make an impact on the mental health of your community. A study conducted by the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute found that a regular trauma-informed yoga practice reduced the participants’ symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by 30%.
  • Breath awareness helps children increase focus, reduce stress and learn self-regulation techniques.
  • Yoga adventures promote creativity and critical thinking skills that support academic success.
  • Our program supports social and emotional growth that helps students to mindfully navigate through their lives in and out of school creating a more positive environment for themselves, and everyone around them.
  • Keeps students safe, supervised and engaged during the after-school time before parents get off work.
  • Your contribution helps restore relationships which is central to supporting the well-being of a community as a whole. And much more!