With COVID-19 and the closure of schools and businesses many of us are at home trying to figure out this new normal while balancing work, kids, health, finances and our sanity. Here are a few ways to engage with your family in a meaningful and fun way. For more in this series click here.

Yogi Binoculars

by Candice Lopez, Board Member

Idea: Children can recycle cardboard paper rolls to create some make-believe yogi binoculars!

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2 toilet paper rolls or 1 cut paper towel roll (about 4″ – 5″ long) per kiddo, single hole punch, glue, yarn or string

Optional: Paint or paper and glue for decorating

1. Give your kiddos two paper rolls and have them glue them together on the sides. Let dry.

2. Help kiddos put a hole in each side of the binoculars.

3. Tie the ribbon/yarn through the holes.

4. Optional: decorate the binoculars with paint or glue and paper.

5. Bring children outside to look through binoculars for a nature adventure or stay inside and use your imagination for your own yogi adventure!

Why do you volunteer with Bliss Kid Yoga?

“I am passionate about serving the community while in a supportive environment.  I’m able to do this by cultivating healthy and meaningful habits through teaching kids yoga through the many offerings that BKY provides to families and children of all abilities and populations.”

Candice Lopez