With COVID-19 and the closure of schools and businesses many of us are at home trying to figure out this new normal while balancing work, kids, health, finances and our sanity. Here are a few ways to engage with your family in a meaningful and fun way. For more in this series click here.

Kindness Ideas

by BKY teacher and volunteer Cynthia Bernard (ATX Yoga Girl)

  1. Model daily kind and respectful behavior by showing up on time for commitments, helping a neighbor with yard work, or opening the door for others.
  2. Encourage kind behavior at school by talking to your children about being kind to a new child in class or sharing their things with another child.
  3. Make a gift and give to a community worker who helps your family, like the mail carrier, nurse, shop owner, or fire fighter. 
  4. Take time to clean up the space around you. Put away the books in the library, take a few shopping carts back to the grocery store, or pick up garbage at the park.
  5. Make a Kindness Jar by placing a kindness jewel into the jar every time that someone says a kind word.
  6. Create Kindness Coupons they can share with their friends. 
  7. Talk about and encourage words and phrases that are kind to say to others.
  8. Make a Hug Jar and have your children give you a heart from the jar to signal that they need a hug.
  9. Write uplifting messaging on rocks and leave them outside for others to see. 

Pick a random act of kindness to do with your family every month.

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