Meet Melissa Jones, Board Vice President

Melissa Jones is a long time volunteer with Bliss Kid Yoga. She has been instrumental in growing our trauma-informed programming at SAFE Alliance and we our grateful to have her join our board. Interested in learning more about our other board members? Visit our team page!

“Yoga is an incredible modality for healing, connection, and joy. To provide these gifts to young people and families is a beautiful way to serve our community and invest in its future.” -Melissa Jones

I first found yoga during my time putting myself through college. I was broke, tired, and disconnected. One of my only enriching outlets was a free community yoga class. As a young adult, I was taught to connect with my breath, move in ways that felt good, and give myself mental space for the first time. I truly believe that this experience helped me persist through college, and grow into a more emotionally and physically grounded person.

Although my story is different from many of those we serve, I likely could or would not have accessed yoga through traditional means, due to the cultural or cost barriers. I can confidently say that the lessons learned on the mat continue to make me a better parent, professional, spouse, and human in general. During my years working in special education, I have called upon tools learned through yoga and mindfulness practice as means to calm and center both myself and my students.

I stumbled upon Bliss Kid Yoga at the organization’s first Bliss Bash event. On this day, I witnessed a small group of caring individuals enriching a public space with the simple, sincere magic of yoga. Since then, I have been honored to serve as volunteer teacher and board member. The sheer simplicity of our vision allows for endless opportunity to reach the community.

When not on my mat, I enjoy exploring green spaces around the Hill Country with my family, play in my garden, kayak, cook vegetarian food, and work on other social justice campaigns.

I’d love to hear your story and talk more about how you can impact our community with BKY. Reach out at