With COVID-19 and the closure of schools and businesses many of us are at home trying to figure out this new normal while balancing work, kids, health, finances and our sanity. Here are a few ways to engage with your family in a meaningful and fun way. For more in this series click here.


by Katherine Banker, Founder and Executive Director

Idea: By bringing awareness to our breath we increase focus, reduce stress and learn self-regulation techniques.

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Cookie: Breathing in we smell the cookies and breathing out we go “mmmmmmm” while resting one hand on belly and one on chest. Do you notice your belly getting big as you smell the cookies?

Tarzan: Breathing in and breathing out while thumping chest like tarzan. Do you notice a vibration in your throat and chest?

Doctor: Breathing in and breathing out with tongue out letting out an “ahhhhhhhh” . When you let out an “ahhhhhhhhh” how do you feel?

Ocean: Breathing in as arms lift and as they release down letting out a “shhhhhhhhh” as you breathe out. When you let out a “shhhhhhhhh” how do you feel after?

Bumble Bee: Breathing in and letting it out with a “buzzzzzzzzzz” perhaps noticing vibration in our chest.

Snake: Breathing in and breathing out with a “hissssss”. Does it tickle your tongue? Let’s try again!

Lion: Breathing in and breathing out with tongue out as you “roooooaaaaaarrrr”. Does breathing like a lion give you energy or make you tired? Or perhaps neither?

“It is an honor to share yoga with the community and witness children grow in confidence and compassion, families bond and de-stress, and teachers take the time to recharge and renew.”

Katherine Banker