With COVID-19 and the closure of schools and businesses many of us are at home trying to figure out this new normal while balancing work, kids, health, finances and our sanity. Here are a few ways to engage with your family in a meaningful and fun way. For more in this series click here.

Mother Tree

by BKY teacher and volunteer Candice Lopez

Idea: A yogi variation of sly fox. Helps nurture listening, observation and balance skills.

Before Playing

1. Clearly define the playing area with a start and finish line. This can be done inside or outside.

2. Practice different variations of tree pose together.  What might this look like in different bodies and different people?

To Play

  1. The kiddo chosen to be the “Mother Tree” faces away from the others, standing by a wall or an imaginary line.  Remember, everyone gets an opportunity to be Mother Tree!
  2. The other kiddos or family members must stand in a line at a distance. 
  3. When the Mother tree isn’t looking, everyone else must walk to get closer to the Mother Tree. However, if the Mother Tree turns around, the other kiddos must freeze in their form of tree pose. 
  4. If the Mother Tree sees someone moving, the option is to have that kiddo go back to his/her starting place or simply take two steps back. 
  5. The first kiddo who gently places their hands on the Mother Tree without being seen becomes the Mother Tree for the next round!

Things to Remember

There is no running and no one tree looks the same!  Most importantly have fun!!

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“I feel like teaching kiddos yoga is not only a gift, it’s a super power!  I get to be an Austin Allergy Clinician by trade and a Children’s Yoga Teacher by heart!”

Candice Lopez