We are always on the move. So many things to do and not enough hours in the day. It’s no mystery that our kids can’t slow down either. With all the activities, “to-do” lists, events, emails and more it is important to give children the tools to combat stress and learn healthy habits for life. Together take a few minutes to slow down with The Laurie Berkner Band…

“You don’t want to go slow…you go fast!
And you may find your missing the world you go past.
Crickets singing their sound.
Golden leaves on the ground.
You might find something new that you wouldn’t have found.
If you never went slow only fast.”

Yoga time at home with your kids is the perfect opportunity to show them that going slow can be fun too! Your yoga routine can be as short as 10 or 20 minutes but can make a lasting impression. Start with a simple breathing exercise to open. Ask them about what going slow or fast means. There are no wrong answers. Together, brainstorm something that goes fast and slow that children are familiar with such as animals. Make sure to demonstrate fast, medium and slow through sound to get them engaged and moving. Let them move and dance according to the sound of a bell or any instrument. If available integrate literacy such as Quick as Cricket by Audrey Wood or any other book you think might lend it self well. Let your imagination run wild while reading and move through the book together creating or doing yoga poses for each animal.  You can also use two poses: turtle and rabbit. Turtle is shown above. Together the kids and I like to make our own rabbit pose. Often it resembles chair pose with a little creative flair. Feel free to make your own rabbit pose. Let it be a fun and relaxed practice. Try playing The Laurie Berkner Band song and integrating your focus poses. Encourages children to move to music; moving fast or slow depending on tempo. Scarves are also a great prop to use during this song. Start to slow things down and quiet after your dance. Discuss what you learned together. Try bringing the bell back in at the end. Pass it quietly so it doesn’t make a sound and after take a minute or two for final relaxation. Let them move and squirm and cuddle. Try giving each other a foot rub or doing some feather breathing!

For full lyrics to Fast and Slow by Laurie Berkner Band at http://www.metrolyrics.com/fast-and-slow-lyrics-the-laurie-berkner-band.html. Visit Lauri’s page at www.laurieberkner.com.