“I am passionate about helping to provide all children with the opportunity to develop skills to excel in life.”

As a teacher, it was obvious that all children need to develop the tools to help calm the stressors of everyday life.  I envision children of all abilities and socio-economic levels learning, practicing, and enjoying the benefits yoga has to offer. Developing mindfulness is a primary goal of yoga and it is something every child can achieve.  As Goldie Hahn says “learn to give yourself a brain rest.”

I was born with a congenital heart defect that affected pulmonary function, and have struggled with respiratory health all my life.  Exploration of many exercise regimes have led back to yoga. Yoga and meditation  have been instrumental in my journey to health.  I believe all children can make use of yoga tools too.

My husband, Chuck, and I have 3 children between us and 3 beautiful granddaughters.  We retired to Austin after an extended period in the Middle East., but spend the hottest part of the year in mid-coast Maine. I am an avid knitter and aspiring weaver.  We both find great joy in volunteering, playing golf, travel, and gardening.  Contact me at president@blisskidyoga.org.