“Yoga helps us authentically relate with one another and build relationships through mindful connections. When yoga is accessible to all, it strengthens families, and builds communities.”

I began my yoga practice to relieve stress when I was working as a preschool teacher and needed to unwind after busy days.  I did not anticipate the effect it would have on my connections with children. I was more present in moments, I was better able to regulate my responses and model  emotional intelligence, and I approached my work with more kindness. I knew that families would benefit immensely from the lessons I was learning, and I was excited to share my knowledge.

I joined Bliss Kid Yoga as a teacher, sharing yoga with young students and their families.  I have witnessed first hand the growth in self-confidence, the deepening of trust, and the building of stronger relationships resulting from a yoga practice.  As a board member, I am better able to serve and expand our offerings.  My background in psychology draws me to the healing aspects of yoga, and I am working to bring our programs to Austin’s more vulnerable youth.  Healthy children and families build strong communities, and I am honored to be a part of the process.