“If everyone practiced yoga there would be world peace” – I can’t remember where I read that or who said it, but it struck me deeply.  If yoga makes me feel peaceful and compassionate to myself in others, imagine the impact if more people practiced and if children learned it at an early age. The impact of that vision is important to me.”

When I first met Katherine and learned about Bliss Kid Yoga and it’s mission I was smitten and knew I had to be involved somehow.  I believe that as many children as possible should have access to yoga. I wish Bliss Kid Yoga had been around when my children were little!

Yoga is such a gift to me, I have especially benefited from it after I went through breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, it helps me strengthen my body, and my self love and provides peace and comfort.  Since then I have also become a yoga teacher myself, specializing in yoga for cancer survivors. 

I live in Austin with my 2 children and when not practicing or teaching yoga, I work as a Realtor, go see live music and cook fabulous vegan meals. Contact Nanette at dogood@blisskidyoga.org