“I believe that starting a yoga practice in childhood provides tools to help manage anxiety levels and improve mental health throughout life.”

I joined the Bliss Kid Yoga team because I recognize the long-term impact this organization will have on our community and it is exciting to see these classes available to children of all backgrounds and abilities.  My own children started yoga classes when they were 3 years old and I have seen what a great tool it has been for them to handle daily frustrations and stressors as they grow.  Mindful breathing and knowing when they need to step away and calm their bodies has been helpful to them, especially as they navigate their school days.

My husband and I moved to the Austin area i 2006 and quickly realized what a great place it would be to raise a family.  We enjoy spending time with our twin boys in the numerous parks and on the extensive hiking and biking trails. Please reach out to me at treasurer@blisskidyoga.org.