Looking for new and fun ways to bond with your toddler? Yoga is an excellent opportunity to do just that and more! Toddler yoga is a fun and loving way to help your little one learn, promote positive development, curb tantrums, aide in sleep, promote relaxation, develop healthy habits, improve gross and fine motor skills, improve listening, have fun and a whole lot more! Here’s a few tips for those of you starting on your own toddler yoga adventure…..

Toddler yoga isn’t quiet, it isn’t still, it isn’t what you expect. In order to fully experience yoga with your toddler you must get rid of any preconceptions of what you think or heard “it should be”. Let that all go and enjoy it for what it is. And sometimes what it is, is a little crazy and that’s okay! First and foremost remember the whole room is their yoga mat. Toddler yoga can also be described as “traveling yoga”. You might start in the living room but end outside. Say it with me, “that’s okay”. Second; You are the perfect parent for your baby and your baby is perfect for you.” I heard those words somewhere along the way and they have always stuck with me. It is also a good mantra when spaghetti flies across the table and onto the wall during dinner! And finally STICK WITH IT! This is the key to creating a meaningful yoga practice with your child. Before you decide to call it quits and say “this isn’t for us” think about the amazing foundation you will be setting for your child’s life and your relationship. This won’t come about in two, or three or even sometimes ten yoga sessions. Consistency is key to helping your little ones learn and so must your yoga practice. Keep it up, even if its for 10 minutes every other day. You know your child best and how they feel and what what they need. Use this to guide the practice. Some days may not be a yoga day and say it with me…”that’s okay”.

For some great yoga guides for toddlers read Itsy Bitsy Yoga by Helen Garabedian and Yoga for Mother and Baby by Freedman. Thank you for taking the time and care for your little one. You are appreciated. Namaste.