Bliss Kid Yoga has currently suspended all in person trainings. We are offering live virtual trainings and self-paced courses.

Self-Paced Course Overview

  • Trainings are $50.
  • Designed to take about 1-2 hours.
  • Once enrolled you have access to the training for 30 days.
  • Trainings are applicable to anyone looking to create more mindful interactions.
  • Closed Captions available.

Course List

Click course name below to learn more. Email with any questions.

Self-Paced Courses Coming Soon!

Trauma-Informed Meditation

Using Language to Enhance Speech (recommended for Speech-Language Pathologists)

“The Trauma-Informed Language Training is a wonderful training for anyone who works with children. It was great to learn tools to support children who have experienced trauma and ways to help create a more inclusive environment in my classes. I recommend this online training to anyone who wants to learn more about trauma-informed language.” -Jessica T. 

“The trauma-informed language training was a great opportunity to reflect on my own daily language. Using the tools offered in this training, I feel confident I am offering children agency and empowerment in class and in everyday life. I encourage anyone interested in trauma and language to dive into this training.” -Claire G.