What is Yoga?

Yoga is translated as union. Union of mind, body and spirit. It is a moving meditation designed to awaken our blissful nature. Yoga unites the inner and outer you through movements guided by breath, the practice of meditation and self-observance without judgment.

Why Yoga for Kids?

In our community and across the world children and families are faced with many daily stressors such as lack of access to healthy food, limited physical education, unemployment, state testing, pressure to succeed, peer pressure, over-stimulation and more. Yoga gives families a way connect and receive life changing resources in a positive and safe setting. Through our yoga practice together we learn skills that will serve generations to come and empower community members to care for themselves and others in a more mindful way.

  • Yoga promotes breath awareness. By bringing awareness to our breath we increase focus, reduce stress and learn self-regulation techniques.
  • Yoga is creative. Yoga adventures promote creativity and critical thinking skills.
  • Yoga teaches us about our physical bodies. Through yoga postures we increase strength and flexibility, learn body awareness, coordination, improve fine and gross motor skills and learn healthy habits.
  • Yoga teaches us about teamwork. Yoga for children incorporates cooperative games that promote positive social interactions, communication, familial bonds and confidence.
  • Yoga shows us what it means to be present.  Meditation techniques enhance concentration, helps reduce stress, promotes focus, calms our body and mind and helps us arrive in the present moment.
  • Yoga teaches us to care for ourselves and others in a more mindful way. Yoga is a mindful practice that teaches self-awareness and non-violence towards ourselves and one another.
  • Yoga cultivates a peaceful sense of being. Through relaxation practices yoga provides the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate.
  • Yoga is for all abilities. Check out our blog post by Bliss Kid Yoga teacher and Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist, Erica Ortiz. Erica discusses the benefits of yoga for all abilities!

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